Tuesday, April 12, 2016

View From My Writing Window

The view from my writing window is an ever-changing panoramic of seasons and visitors. Now as spring gets a firmer grasp on the weather more and more feathered friends are dropping by.  
A Great Blue Heron looking for a quick meal,


Canada Geese that never fail to announce their presence with raucous honking. It often seems as if they're demanding that I stop whatever I'm doing to watch and admire them.



Several deer herds wander through to graze in the pastures. However, these three beauties are my most frequent visitors. I can almost set my watch by them.

 And as twilight falls, you can plainly see, they aren't the least put off by my watch dog. For his part, Sabu seems as entranced by them as I am.

Is it any wonder I often have trouble getting any writing done?