Saturday, July 26, 2014


Is set to come out on Halloween.

You've been warned.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Beautiful, mystical Sedona. I finally got the chance to visit this summer with my daughter and it was more and less than what I expected. 
This, however, was entirely my fault. 
I couldn't be satisfied with the gorgeous scenery.
You see, I'd read about ley lines and vortexes and couldn't wait to hike out to one. I imagined myself standing right over the mystical spot.
Okay, my imagination took things a bit further. I saw myself with arms lifted in supplication to the earth spirits as a sense of healing and renewal filled me. I'd stand Marilyn Monroe style over a crevice in the ground. Or in a circle of stone. There would be some finite location - X marks the spot type thing. 
I'd be wearing a long white robe, my hair flowing in the breeze. In my head I would be at least fifteen pounds lighter. Skin a little tighter. Boobs a little firmer. Maybe a crown of flowers would encircle my head. Earth child returning to her Mother.
Was I ever disappointed to learn there wasn't a designated spot. The entire region is the vortex. You are left to find what you will. 
My mind balked, completely revolted it wouldn't be all mapped out for me.
My daughter and I hiked up into Bell Rock and as I walked I could hear faint musical notes. Was this my totem spirit guiding me? No it was a man with long, grey hair sitting on top of a spiral of red rock blowing spa music on his Indian-style flute. Cynicism took over causing me to sneer, "the park probably pays him to come out and play for the tourists."
The steep climb left me a little breathless so we sat on an outcropping shaded by a scrub tree. There was a slight cooling breeze, the music wove around, the vista was breathtaking. I felt a deep sense of serenity.
It was no different from the peace that fills me sitting next to a lake or stream. I've felt the same calm contentment at the beach or working in a flower garden. 
Perhaps that's the power of the vortex. Or, more likely, it shows that mental healing can be found anytime we slow our lives enough to allow our hearts to open.
Rested, peaceful, we headed back. Reaching the parking lot we discovered a couple studying the trail map. The man stopped us with a perplexed look.
"Where exactly is this vortex located?"
I laughed and left my daughter to explain.