Saturday, June 7, 2014

Packing Messes With My Mind

Packing for an extended vacation does a number on my head. Too many variables to consider with my current itinerary. Drive to son in Colorado. Stay a few days before flying to Arizona to stay with daughter. (We'll be visiting Sedona, Yea) Fly back to Colorado. Stay with son until his vacation starts. Drive back to Missouri.
All this equals being gone over three weeks.

This necessitates shutting up house in during a Missouri summer. Research is needed. How high can I leave AC to ensure plants don't die? Remember to put plants in bathtub filled with several inches of water. Then make the sign of the cross over them. You probably won't see them alive again.

Print off map as I still don't have GPS.

Arrange for mowing. Three weeks means at least 3 cuts. Factor in all the rain we've been getting. At least 4 mows at $35. a whack. Good price but still...ouch.

Lay out all the things I think I'll need on guest bed. Add and subtract items. Decide to try everything on. Uh-ho, seems I've put on a bit of weight since last summer. Modeling bathing suit in front of mirror causes it to crack. 

Ruthlessly limit amount of garments. I can wash and re-wear everything. I don't need all that...but then again I like a selection. What if, after I get there, I decide I don't want to wear these particular tops. This sundress. What if I really wanted this one or that. Now do I have to add any particular shoes for any particular outfit? Hiking shoes, wading shoes, pool-side shoes, dancing shoes, comfy shoes, and this pair because they're so cute and I never get a chance to wear them. 

Remember bachelor son only has one bed in his house. Even though I know he'll offer it to me...better take my own bedding and air mattress. 

Going to make cookies to take to him. Don't have eggs. For some reason driving a few blocks to store seems too much of a hassle. I'll just pack the rest of the ingredients and bake them there. They'll be better fresh anyway. And I still have best high altitude chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world.

Cooler in Colorado - add long pants and light sweater. Hades hot in Arizona - remember strapless bra for halter top.

Wash everything. Can't fit everything in the suitcase. No worries, I'll just grab another. There's room in the car...isn't that why I got the little suv? For all the room. I'll consolidate down to one bag in Colorado before flying out to Arizona. Leave surplus at son's. Problem solved.

Oh, wait. I also need to pack 20lb bag of dog food. He'll need his dishes, bed, doggy toothbrush, treats, leash...He'll remain with son while I'm with daughter. Good plan. Saves tons on boarding and have never found a place where dog hasn't come out looking crazed. 

Trunk loaded, items spilling into the backseat.

I've got one problem. Turning around my eyes meet those of my 100lb furball. He is looking at me as if to say, "You've got to be kidding. What's this? Think I'm traveling economy? I need more leg space than that."

He's right. At eight years, this part Golden Retriever, St. Bernard, Shepherd, Burmese Mountain Dog, Beagle, Border Collie deserves first class accommodations. 

I go back to the drawing board. Try to imagine I'm playing a game of Tetris as I rearrange. Straight piece here. Cube there. Can I get an angle piece, please?

All in. Feeling smug. Start to close back of Sportage. See carry-on full of toiletries and make-up sitting off to the side.

Packing messes with my head. Damn, I forgot the flatiron.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The longer I watched this video the more I found myself hoping it was real and, please, not faked. Simply because I like the idea. It amuses me to image these guys sitting around drinking copious amount of beer. Suddenly, a light-bulb goes off over one of their heads. He stops mid-gulp. Looks earnestly around and declares, "Hey. Dudes. I just got this really good idea."

The time and effort it must have taken then to bring this video to fruition becomes rather impressive. Enough bottles emptied. Check. That was the easy one. Then each bottle exactly tuned. Holders made along with some nifty neck straps. Each breath measured. Dance moves created. Sand added to a couple of bottles to make percussion sounds. The final and most crucial decision of all? Who gets to make the 'Michael Jackson ow' noise.

Not wasted time at all, but a chance -  a true opportunity for artistic expression. 

Good job guys. You made me smile.