Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Take a look It's in a book A Reading Rainbow

The writing process takes an incredible amount of time. Believe me when I say, this doesn't include the self-doubt that assails every author. No matter the fictional genre, our overwhelming desire is to entertain our readers. Hearing from you is how we know if we've accomplished this goal. We learn from our reviews.

But to do that - we need to find readers. The days of large publishing houses that provide advances, advertising, and an army of reviewers are ending. Brick and Mortar stores are going out of business as more and more readers buy from the internet. Some publishers, like mine, only sell online.

In an effort to get our books noticed, authors now depend on their readers. YOU are the most important cog in the wheel. YOU provide the necessary feedback. Every word you write about one of our books provides priceless advertising.

Of course, we hope for positive appraisals but more than that we want honest ones. A few sentences suffice.Your opinion matters.

Every review helps connect the author with potential readers. Buyers do check the comments on Amazon and Goodreads before they make their purchases. Your reviews not only help provide name recognition but helps us reach our target audience.

So, please, leave reviews when you read a book. I promise, you'll earn the author's undying gratitude.