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HELL'S BOUNTY first book in Kayden Claremont's HEAVEN AND HELL series

Kayden: Thank you for having me visit your blog today.
Me: So glad to have you. Tell us a little about your new book.

Kayden: Hell’s Bounty is the first book in my Heaven and Hell series. It is a paranormal erotic novella, and it’s published by The Wild Rose Press.

Raven Hart, a succubus bounty hunter for Hell, is on a hunt. With her query in sight, she hits a brick wall, or rather the very hard chest of a giant sexy man. She might have lost the prize for now, but she's a winner when the hottie wants to get physical. Marcus Dionysius, a Nephilim working for Heaven, has one mission—to prevent Hell’s beauty from stealing souls meant for the higher plane. But he soon realizes he’s met his sexual match. She’s naughty enough to tempt his senses, but her innocence means he can’t walk away when she needs him most. Working together to discover who’s snatching souls.
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Me: Tell us more about yourself.  What are three of your favorite things?
Kayden:Chocolate, books and tea or coffee. Usually together.
What music influences you when you write?
While I’m writing or editing I like to listen to WWOZ, a jazz station from New Orleans. They play a lot of instrumentals. Once while I was writing I was listening to a radio station with lyrical music, thinking I was really on a writing streak. The next day I read it over and I had type the words to all the songs, so now its instrumentals only.

Me: Will there be more books in your series?
Kayden: Yes. Hell’s Bounty is the first book of the series, followed by Hell Hath No Fury, a paranormal erotica set in Las Vegas and Hell Bent for Leather.

Me: What do you do when you’re not writing?
Kayden: When I’m not at my day job or writing, or reading to write reviews I love watching movies and T.V. shows. For movies I’m addicted to anything Marvel or D.C. comics. Guess I’m a nerd. As for as TV goes I love The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Dominion, just great stories.

Me: What does your character fear most in this book?
Kayden: Raven is a succubus and she has never taken a soul that wasn’t meant for Hell, Her fear is being accused of breaking her morale code.
Marcus is on the side of justice and he will do whatever he must, but he fears having to take the life of a demon is has fallen in lust with.


Marcus watched Raven weave that wicked bike in and out of the traffic like a professional stunt driver. He knew she’d know where the captain was holed up. As long as he could keep up with these neck-breaking speeds without crashing, he’d get his man, or rather incubus.
 He’d clear Raven’s name, and then she could resume her work. After all, hell needed bounty hunters too. He prayed everyone else would see that she had the same rights. He couldn’t imagine her life being snuffed out—by him.
When Raven pulled to the right and zip around a corner, he slowed the car. He needed to keep her in sight without being seen. If she made him, she’d become careless just to get away.
Pulling into a parking space down the block, Marcus watched her take off her helmet and fluff her long black hair in a way that made his breath catch. Tucking her helmet under her arm, she walked into Siren Strip Club.
 He knew he shouldn’t go into a place where only demons from hell hung out. Heaven couldn’t protect him there. Raven obviously meant to get the captain before he did. Clearly, he needed to protect the succubus from herself.

Kayden’s Bio
Kayden is hooked on Paranormal Romance. She loves writing about the rollercoaster ride of demons, angels and watchers and the consequences they must endure when they falling in love.  Her sensuous style drives the characters in lustful romps.
Kayden is a member of Sisters in Crime International; Sisters in Crime Toronto; Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers.
When she’s not at her day job she’s crafting more tales of love, crime and the supernatural or spending time with her husband and children.
She lives outside of Toronto with her husband.

You can contact Kayden at:

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