Saturday, May 6, 2017

My household has increased

I'm sorry for the quick post this month but there's been a lot going on. My fourth book: COLD HEARTED VAMPIRE is with the copy editor. We've picked out the excerpt, blurb, and tag line. The cover artist is at work creating the cover. Everything indicates a publication date later this year. Hoping for late summer or fall.

I've added another member to the household:
 I got Zap (on the left) from the shelter Jan. 11, 2017, and I've already posted about him. He'd been mistreated, poor guy. Update: he is still a little hesitant at times. Especially, around large men but I think he's doing great.

The newest (on the right) is a 5 months old, Corgi/Heeler. His owner was going to take him to the pound so I brought him home with me late March 31, 2017. He wasn't housebroken (hadn't been inside a house at all) no shots, and no manners. In less than a month - as you can see by the picture - he's now sitting on command. Potty training is going quite well and the three of us are settling in.

I live on 34 acres and keep about 5 or 6 acres mowed. This feels like a full time job. I'm also clearing out some rock and brush, and have discovered snakes are abundant this year. 

I've also found myself knee deep in poison ivy.
  This kind

Not this kind... 


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