Thursday, April 2, 2015

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Join the Blautsaugers of Amber Heights, Missouri as an evil Toltec vampire tries to destroy the Nosferatu family. These are not the dark and creepy vampires found in classic lore but are very human-like with an extra chromosome or two. 

 It all starts with Gabe Blautsauger and the sassy Cailey Kantor in IT'S A WONDERFUL UNDEAD LIFE.

It's been a rough couple of years for Cailey Kantor. Facing her first Christmas alone and bad financial news, she prays for an angel to fix her problems. Instead, a sadistic, sociopathic vampire, with the goal of starting a vampire war, attacks her and forces her to drink blood stolen from the Nosferatu Gabriel Blautsauger.

Gabe must complete Cailey's turning or she will die. In doing so he risks losing his yet unfound soulmate. But something about the lovely mortal speaks to his heart. Once her transformation is complete, he and Cailey find themselves embroiled in a battle that could cost them all they hold dear.

Faced with lies, abduction, and betrayal Cailey wonders if the vampire she is falling fangs over heart for is in it for love or if she's just a means to stop a war.

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 Next up is the youngest brother, Rafe Blautsauger. He's fallen 

deeply in love with Cailey's friend, Morgan Maguire in 

VAMPIRE IN THE SCRYING GLASS. If only he could figure 

out her secret...

Rafe Blautsauger, vampire and enforcer, must put his feelings for the mortal Morgan Maguire aside. The Nosferatu council who employs Rafe strictly forbids their love. But he can't stay away from the beautiful woman who causes his blood to beat with new life. Yet, she hides a secret, one he must expose in order to protect her.
Morgan keeps her unique gift of magic under wraps due to a spell gone horribly wrong when she was young.  She is haunted by a nightmare where two malevolent glowing red eyes stalk her. Can she trust the arrogant but oh-so-handsome Rafe with her secret as well as her heart? Can he help her regain her power in time to save the world of the living and the undead?

These stories are filled with action, love, and a surprising amount of light-hearted humor. 

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