Saturday, November 8, 2014

First Review in for VAMPIRE IN THE SCRYING GLASS by R E MULLINS (psst. it got 5 stars!!!)

 So pleased to share the first review for VAMPIRE IN THE SCRYING GLASS. 


Secrets abound in this book and the ride that ensues makes this an amazing must read. Review by Rosalie Belle on October 31, 2014
Morgan is a very special person, and in Vampire in the Scrying Glass, we find out how truly special (and powerful). Dealing with migraines, which we find out were actually induced through memory erasure, finally brings Rafe and Morgan closer. Introduced to each other through Mullins' first book in the series, It's a Wonderful Undead Life, the reader can tell that the two are made for each other. The sparks and sexual tension between these two are undeniable, and it’s almost as if you can feel it literally jumping off the page through the marvelous tale that is woven. Through huge battles, with vampires, witches and some even a demon thrown in, this book constantly keeps the reader on their toes. Twists and turns overflow, some that make the reader smile while others make them gasp, but all quickly and methodically absorb you into the plot.

Realizing love is everything and worth fighting for gives both Rafe and Cailey a new meaning on life. I absolutely loved that Vampire in the Scrying Glass is about Rafe and Morgan. As Cailey’s best friend, and basically only family, it broke my heart that they no longer could have that close bond once Cailey was turned. I had hoped that another book in this series would fix that! The next in the series can’t come out soon enough!!

Credit to Guilty Pleasures Review by Rosalie Belle 

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