Sunday, June 1, 2014

The longer I watched this video the more I found myself hoping it was real and, please, not faked. Simply because I like the idea. It amuses me to image these guys sitting around drinking copious amount of beer. Suddenly, a light-bulb goes off over one of their heads. He stops mid-gulp. Looks earnestly around and declares, "Hey. Dudes. I just got this really good idea."

The time and effort it must have taken then to bring this video to fruition becomes rather impressive. Enough bottles emptied. Check. That was the easy one. Then each bottle exactly tuned. Holders made along with some nifty neck straps. Each breath measured. Dance moves created. Sand added to a couple of bottles to make percussion sounds. The final and most crucial decision of all? Who gets to make the 'Michael Jackson ow' noise.

Not wasted time at all, but a chance -  a true opportunity for artistic expression. 

Good job guys. You made me smile.

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